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Christian Jackson
Dance Instructor
Currently teaches classes in Boys' & Girls' Hip Hop.

I was born Christian Jackson in Weisbaden, Germany to an awesome Air Force father, Anthony, and a beautiful Filipina mother, Arsenia. My name was originally supposed to be "Tristan" but my dad misunderstood what my mom suggested. And being apart of a military family, I've traveled around the world. Only I was too young to remember most of it. Italy, Philippines and Korea to name a few until we settled here in California.

Zach and I, along with the rest of our group of friends, started dancing our freshman year of highschool (before, inbetween and after classes) and I've been dancing ever since. We got together and called ourselves, "Breakfurious Crew" and performed in Wheatland Highschool's Annual Talent Show every year starting our sophomore year up until our graduation in 2007.

As Breakfurious we performed at other school rallies, coming-of-age parties and other events. But when we became more serious and looked to compete outside of our small community, we changed our name to "Urban Tactics" and auditioned for the California State Fair: Step Up Dance Competition in 2009.

With a new name and some new faces, we placed first in the competition and won several accolades along with opportunities to dance in music videos, perform at humanitarian benefits and to come back to the competition the following year as returning champions.

Due to the nature of modern life of young adults, meeting each other to dance and practice, let alone hang out, was always difficult and Urban Tactics couldn't pull another victory in 2010.

After I was through moping around for a month or two, I sprang back to my feet and was determined to improve my skills as a dancer - not as a performer. I was tired of not having a good place to practice while being subject to the weather conditions outside. So I grabbed Zach and we set out to find a dance studio we could be proud to call home.

I love to learn and incorporate new moves and styles into my own. I'm also really into cartooning and I'm going to CSUS for a BS in graphic design