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Students are expected to adhere to our Dress Code. Instructors reserve the right to refuse to admit a dancer who is not properly attired into class.

Ballet and Ballet Technique Classes
A solid color leotard (black is preferred) and nude or ballet pink tights are required. Tights must be pulled down over the feet inside the ballet shoe. Hair that is long enough must be fastened securely in a bun. Some instructors permit skirts; please check with your instructor to see what extra wear is allowed. No t-shirts or baggy clothes are allowed in ballet class. Sweats must be removed upon request after warm-up. Shoes: Pink leather ballet shoes (canvas is okay for class, but not for recital). Pink satin pointe shoes are required for those enrolled in Pointe.

Tap, Jazz, Contemporary and Acro Classes
Form-fitting dance clothes that provide freedom of movement:
spandex shorts, leotard, fitted tank, etc. (Black is preferred.)
No long pants so that ankles may be seen. Tights are optional, but dancers must be able to go onto the floor without complaint. Instructors must be able to see body lines: hip to toe line, shoulder to hip line, shoulder to wrist line, and neck to tailbone line. Shoes: Tap shoes for tap. (Please see instructor.) Jazz shoes for jazz recital; Jazz shoes or barefoot for jazz, acro and contemporary class. (Please see instructor.) Hair must be pulled back securely.

Hip Hop Classes
Loose clothing, shorts or crop pants, and flat-soled tennis shoes.
All items must be clean. No outside shoes are allowed on the dance floor. See instructor regarding performance shoes.

Note: Students who repeatedly show up for class without proper attire may be asked to leave class until they are in compliance.