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Statement of Policies 2014-2015

A signed Statement of Policies and Waiver of Liability is required to be on file for enrollment at Synergy. Please read and sign the following Statement of Policies and Wavier of Liability.

We as Synergy DPC Instructors reserve the right to place the student in the appropriate class level. Enrollment in Jazz only, as opposed to Jazz and Ballet, will affect the class your dancer is enrolled in, as those dancers taking ballet receive additional training in technique and progress much faster. Acceptance to the Company Team is by audition. Requirements for the Company are strict and students are required to take at least 4 classes per week, including Jazz, 2 Ballet classes, and Contemporary. For additional requirements please see the Company Rules and Regulations Contract. Company Students must be on time to all classes and clear excused absences with the director.

Registration Fee
Each family will be required to pay a non-refundable annual registration fee of $35. This covers the student’s enrollment administration and liability insurance. This fee is per family and is not discounted through extended families. The registration fee is due upon initial enrollment and annually on July 1.

Monthly Tuition & Late Fees
Enrollment at Synergy DPC is on a monthly basis. There will be no refunds, credits, or pro-rates for any classes dropped mid-month by the student. Synergy DPC requires 30- day notice for any and all classes dropped. Tuition is on a pre-paid basis only. Tuition is due before the 1st of each month and late the 2nd week of classes in every given month. If tuition is paid after the 1st week of the month a mandatory $15 late fee applies at the time of paid tuition. If monthly tuition is not prepaid the student may not be allowed to participate in class. Synergy does not charge extra for months with 5 weeks; nor charge less for months with 3 weeks. Synergy also does not charge extra for planned extra practices. Synergy does not give refunds, or pro-rates for classes missed to illness or studio holidays. Students may take a make-up class for classes missed; Must be approved by director. Tuition may be paid by term or 3 months at a time by cash, check, or money order. Tuition may be paid Monthly only by automatic withdrawl by credit card. Checks returned due to insufficient funds will be charged $25 and all bank fees associated with the return.

Student Arrival & Departure
To protect the safety of our students, Synergy DPC requires that children not currently participating in class that are under the age of 12 not to be left unattended on or around the studio premises. Children are not allowed to play on or around the stairs. Children are not allowed out the front studio door unless accompanied by an adult.

Lobby Space/Parents' Lounge
Our viewing area for the Master Ballroom is either from the parents lounge or from the double doors. If there is space available, parents may also sit on the benches/sofas in the ballroom, but may not talk while seated in the classroom. Please do not disrupt classes in session by shouting out corrections or talking to the dancers or instructors until out of the ballroom. Noises echo and distract teaching that is taking place. We have a closed circuit TV monitor in the Parents Lounge to view classes being held in the Small Ballroom. There is no running or yelling in the hallway or ballrooms. This is too distracting to student classes and is a liability to the business. All food and garbage must by thrown away or will not be permitted. The Parents Lounge is for your use while your children take classes. There is no loitering after dance hours in order to keep the space clean and comfortable for others who are viewing their child’s class. Treat the furniture kindly; it was expensive. Put the toys away if your toddlers play with them. Please dispose of all trash properly. Let’s work together to keep our environment friendly and warm for all families, not just yours.

Class Attendance & Tardiness
Students must attend their classes on a regular basis to progress and perform in the recitals. Students who miss class on an on-going basis will disrupt the flow of classes. If attendance is not maintained then the student may need to drop a level of difficulty. If a student is continually tardy and misses warm-ups, instructors reserve the right to not allow the dancer to participate as warming up our muscles properly ensures the safety for our dancers.

Dress Code Policy
Yes we do have a dress code! Students are expected to adhere to our Dress Code Policy. Instructors reserve the right to not admit a dancer into class that is not properly attired. Students are to wear tights and leotards for Ballet. Hair must be in a bun in order to attend class. Black Synergy Tanks with black spandex shorts and nude tights are recommended for contemporary, jazz and tap. Baggy shorts and shirts will be removed at teachers discretion. Synergy has a Professional Marley Dance Floor and does not allow any street shoes of any kind on the floor. Shoes worn at dance are only to be worn on the floor and not outside. Tap — tap shoes (black; full sole); Ballet — pink leather ballet slippers; Jazz/Contemporary — barefoot or jazz shoes; Hip Hop — flat soled tennis shoes (each class will have a special shoe, ask the instructor). The dress code exists to allow dancers freedom of movement, enable the teachers to see how the dancers are moving, and also allows the teachers to see the dancers as a group. When dancing as a group, uniformity is important. It also fosters a sense of “team” even if the dancer is not on the competitive dance team.